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Micropack MDC-7 Hero Type C Adapter

৳ 4,500

  • Model: Micropack MDC-7HERO
  • USB 3.1, USB-C, HDMI, VGA 2
  • Up to 100W power deliver
  • HDMI support 4K & Full HD
  • 2 USB ports


The Micropack MDC-7HERO Flash 7 Adapter is here to make it easier for users of devices such as laptops or computers with minimal connectors / ports. Micropack MDC-7 Hero supports very fast charging with max 100W Power Delivery via USB-C at the same time while accessing 5 Gbps & 1 Gbps internet Ethernet Port and connecting HDMI devices simultaneously. It has also HDMI+LAN+Type C+Micro SD/SD (MDC-7HERO-GY) ports. Micropack Flash 7 Multi USB-C is a 7 in 1 adapter that is very complete and helps your needs in working, besides its slim design, this MDC is very compatible with LED indicators, even there is a slot for micro SD & SD Card too.


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