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Xiaomi Mi Smart KN95 Face Mask Black (Large or Medium)

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  • Model: Xiaomi Mi Smart KN95
  • Over 97% Filtration Efficiency
  • Lightweight
  • Breathe Easy
  • Anti-Pollution Filter
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Xiaomi Mi Smart KN95 Face Mask Black (Large or Medium)

Introducing the SmartMi KN95 free-breathing anti haze face mask. In the current climate, for many people having a face covering of some form will bring a degree of reassurance. The SmartMi KN95 face mask is in itself a very special anti-pollution mask that also gives off an element of style. It is reusable and designed for comfortable long term wear. We suggest wearing for no longer than 10 hours in a single-use. You will find the longer you wear the SmartMi KN95 face mask the more comfortable it becomes. This is because of the special TPU memory elastic material which is integrated with sponge foam. After a short time of wearing, the mask becomes adaptive to your natural facial contours. One of the downfalls of typical face masks is that they can severely impact normal breathing. This is due to the limited space within and external pressure on the outside of the mask. The Smart Mi KN95 features a specially designed 3D skeletal structure which prevents deformation and provides up to 200 cm3 of breathing space.


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